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“ App Studio LLC is here to help you build scalable apps and servers of the highest quality.”

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A tag cloud, showing words of various sizes, relating to their importance in's development process.  The most prominent keywords are words such as 'Node.js,' 'MongoDB,' 'JavaScript,' and 'Server'.  Other words related to software development are interspersed between the larger words.


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You need the highest quality software. We deliver.

Custom REST APIs from $1240.

Custom development from $2480/week.

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Node.js code review from $199.

MongoDB tune up from $199.

Consulting retainer from $496/month.

Get the monthly support you need.

Cloud Hosting from $199/month.

Baucis support from $372/month.

About App Studio LLC is based in Missouri, USA. We believe in pushing the field of software engineering forward with both a customer first attitude and a devotion to open source software. We practice Agile as described in the Agile Manifesto. In particular, we believe in “individuals and interactions over processes and tools.”

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